Handmade Mexican Diamond Yoga Blanket, Turquoise


Cotton – Acrylic – Polyester blend, much more durable than a standard Mexican Falsa blanket Large size: approx 78" x 54", Thick in comparison to a traditional Mexican Blanket. Machine Washable. Gets softer after each wash! Handwoven. Please note, because this is a handmade item, the color of the diamonds may vary from what is pictured Also great as a beach blanket, a picnic blanket, yoga prop, decorative throw, or a yoga gift.



Traditional style Mexican Diamond style blanket. Features include: Large size: approx 78″ x 54″. Acrylic-Cotton-Polyester blend. Machine Washable. Soft and thick. Great for Yoga, the Beach, or a picnic! **Please note: this is a handmade item. Because of the nature of handmade items, very minor variations will sometimes exist (for example, the color of the diamond in the center may vary on occasion)**

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